“San Lemo Music Festival (Festval Di Sanremo) 78 1981 3”

Let’s resume the San Lemo Music Festival while the Yahoo auction of the annual San Lemo Music Festival, which was closed, was on summer vacation.

Let’s proceed with the summary of the 31st tournament in the 1981 year in the 1980s, where the Italian song world has changed drastically.

In the participating record company group, Discki Ricoldi has nine singers, but only one singer is issued from the main body Ricoldi. The second CGD group is five singers, but two singers from the main body CGD and two singers from the baby record under the umbrella. In this tournament, it will be the purpose of a typhoon as a baby record.

The RCA Italiana Group, who had participated in four or five singers every year, refused to publish the lyrics of the participating songs, whether or not there was any problem with the song application, whether they had trouble, and refused to participate in the newspaper. Only the minor radio records that commission the distribution are sending singers.

There are three groups of foreign capital, three singers from EMI Italiana, who were always reluctant, and Alice. There is no Philips from the polygram, two singers in Polydor, two singers from the emerging CBS Disnicity.

In the ethnic company, two singers who worked hard this time, Fonit Chetra in reserved seats every year

One singer, SAAR and Panare Code, who took a seat in the participation of foreign singers, said one singer.

31st February 5, 1981 (Thu) to 7 (Sat) Ariston Di Sanremo

Moderator: Claudio Cecchetto, Elenora Vallone I, Nira Pizzi, 크레이지슬롯 Franco Solfiti (Franco Solfiti)

Organizer: Publispei [The owner is Gianni Ravera]

Art Director: Gianni Ravera

[Number] is the number of foreign singers, 3 singers for foreigners in 1981

・ DISCHI RICORDI 9 [0] (Ricordi 1 [0], Ariston 2 [0], LUPUS 2 [0], CAROSELLO 1 [0], Cinevox 1 [0], SIF 1 [0], Amiamoci 1 [0])

・ CGD 5 [0] (CGD 3 [0], Baby 2 [0])

・ EMI Italiana 3 [1] (EMI Italiana 2 [0], Dig-IT 1 [1])

・ PolyGram Dischi 2 [0] (Polydor 21 [0]))

・ CBS DISCHI 2 [0] (CBS 2 [0])

・ Durium 2 [0] (Durium 1 [0], Durium Marche Ester 1 [0])

・ FONIT CETRA 1 [0] (CETRA 1 [0])

・ WEA Italiana 1 [0]

・ RCA Italiana 1 [0] (Radio Record 1 [0]))

・ SAAR 1 [1] (Harmony 1 [1])

・ Panarecord 1 [1] (F1 Team 1 [1])

Junni -Berla (CGD) Dari -Baran Benbo (CGD) Joe

Last year, a subsidiary of the Bixio Music Publishing Group, a joint investor in the organizer Publispei, and Cinevox, known as a soundtrack record company in Japan, participated in two singers. I was able to show the strength, but this time it seemed that Baby Records took the seat.

Annual compilation in Japan will not be released, and the recognition of the Salemo Music Festival will decrease. The song with a domestic edition appears in the song list. In addition, the number of songs that have not been decided (I don’t know) will also increase the number of Japanese titles.

◆ AMORE MIO (DEPSA -ENZO Malepasso) Publisher Ariston -Intersong Italiana ENZO Malepasso (VM) ENZO MALEPASSO (POLYDOR -POLYGRAM DISCHI) 2060-240 [45]

2060-240 AR-00900

◆ Bianca Stella (Luii Albertelli -SenastoAmp OCCHINO) Publisher Ariston ノ ノ ノ ノ ノ (VM) SEBASTIANO OCCHINO (ARISTON — DISCHI RICORDI) AR -00900 [45]

◆ CHE BRUTTO AFFARE (Franco Califano -Angelo Varano) Publisher Califfo Jò Chiarello (VF) Jò CHIARELLO (LUPUS -DISCHI RICORDI) LUN -4916 [45]

LUN-4916 ZBRR-7210

◆ GUERRIERO (Antonello Barilà) Publisher SIDET -RCA Opera (Compla) GLI Opera (RADIO Record -RCA Italiana) ZBR -7210 [45]

◆ MILLE VOLTE TI AMO (Umberto Napolitano) Publishing Co., Ltd. Interson Italiana -Pappagayo Tom Fuccal (VM = A) Tom Hoker (HARMONY -SAAR) H -6075 [45]

◆ TulileMble (Renato Brioschi -Massimo Chiodi) Publishing Interson Italiana Domenico Mattia (VM) Domenico Mattia (Polydor – Polygram Dischi) 2060-239 [45]

2060-239 LD / AL-8102

◆ UN’isola Alle Hawaii (DEPSA -Franco Fasano) Publisher Furium FRAUMO (VM) Franco Fasano (Durium -Durium) LD / AL -8102 [45]

That’s all for the San Lemo Music Festival (Festval Di Sanremo) in 1981.

Baby Records not only participated in Ricki and Poveri, a big group that has transferred the previous year as a featured singer, but the first successful pianist, Stephen Schlaks, is the first night and the second night (San Lemo Casino Played as a guest of the special stage of the attached theater).

Rondo Venetiano, a music group formed by the company’s groundbreaking project, Gianpiero Reververi, was in charge of the ending theme, Colombina. This song is also included in the domestic edition.

Ricchi and Peavelli are simply that Marina, Marina OCCHIENA, has quarreled and withdrawn from the group. However, at that time, the fact that I did quite flashy attracted attention.

Ricchi and Peauberi originally had been active in the trio since the unknown period. Although he debuted in Ricoldi, Angela found the marina, who had returned to Genoa without flying, and invited her to her gro -up.

During the unknown period, Angela Branverti and Angelo Sotojou were engaged. The members of the members are not announced, so I don’t know if they got married, but Angela was pregnant when participating in the San Lemo Music Festival in 1976 and gave birth to her first child a few months later. I just don’t know who was a child.

There was such a situation, and the marina, who participated after her, seemed to have a groove with the other three, especially the conflict with her same sex Angela. It seems that it was just before the participation in the San Lemo Music Festival in 1981, but the marina has taken an hour of “grabing” and the marina flew out, saying that Marina robbed Angela’s boyfriend. It has been.

When Ricki and Peauberi entered Sun Lemo, there were three people excluding the marina. On the second day they participated in, I came to San Lemo and asked the court of San Lemo regional officer to preserve the right to participate, but Ricki and Povelli were three people. However, it was rejected by Marina’s San Lemo Music Festival.

The situation was a big scandal, but because she was a favorite Italian of this kind of story, the song became a huge hit with a great advertising effect.

Sep -the -year (carosello) Calmen & Tampuson (F1 Team)

Let’s introduce the 31st participation in the record company (label), three companies are PanareCord and F1 Team Label (F1 Team).

Panare Code is a music publisher and record company established in Milan by Sergio Gasperini and Mario Paroletti, led by Sergio de Gennaro in 1974. Initially, it was launched a record for Italian disco music, but soon it was possible to contract with veteran Domenico Modugno and Rosanna Fraterero, a star singer.

The 1978 F! 1 team label, Merak Music Label in 1983, will be launched, but the F! 1 team, mainly disco music, will be the mainstay of Panare Code.

In 1983, he expanded his activities in a promising home video field to develop a new field, and became a distribution company for movies and manga produced by MGM/UA in 1985, and sold in Italy in the CBS Fox Video in 1986. I also acquired the rights. Thus, the video division was later maintained by the 20th -century Fox, Hannah Barbera and Turner Pictures, and the series of contracts was maintained until the end of 1999.

On the other hand, the audio section is delayed by the waves of CD, and activities are reduced. In 1989, RCS Editori was discontinued by 20 % capital investment, recording, and music production, RCS acquired 50 % of the 1990, Panare Code was absorbed, the music department was abolished, and the advertising division was a new business. Founded. The activity as a record company has ended.

・ If you say the whole, including the winning songs and the winning songs, it will be described as a participating song.

・ “◇” is attached to the head of the winning song that does not rank, and “◆” is attached to the head of the participating songs.

・ The bold is a song and singer that appeared on the domestic edition.

・ Sample audio files are avoided by copyright infringement, and no voice images are pasted. If you want to listen to all songs, please look for YOU-TUBE. Sometimes you can find it.

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