Added three new works with beautiful gradation dials to Bohm & Mercier’s “Clifton”

Three new works have been added to the “Clifton” collection, which represents Baum & Mercier. The simple three -hand model is a deep green and bordeaux color, and the complex model equipped with a parpetual calendar uses blue that goes well with gold cases.

3 newly added Clifton

Bohm & Mercier added three new works to the “Clifton” collection. Clifton, which has an urban and elegant atmosphere and is impressive with a simple but controlled design, has a common movement and bomatic that has been adopted in the new “Ribiera” collection just announced this year. ing.

It has a power reserve of about 120 hours, while maintaining high accuracy that has been certified for the Swiss Cronometer Test, which can minimize the effects of magnetism in daily life. In addition, by improving the durability of the material and oil used, the overhaul period can be made for more than 5 years.

The three new clifons have two simple styles, a simple style, a 3 -handed and calendar, and one with a perpetual calendar with a day date and a moon phase. Each uses deep green, bordeaux, and blue dials, and wears fascinating colors.

Forest green reminiscent of rich nature

Automatic winding (Cal.baumatic BM13-1975). 21 stones. 28,800 vibration / hour. Power reserve about 120 hours. SS case (diameter 40mm, thickness 11.3mm). 50m waterproof. 3620,000 yen (including tax).

Bohm & Mercier adopted a greens that incorporate recent trends in the Clifton equipped with bomatic. A forest green that is drawn in with gradation from the center to the outer periphery makes the white cross motif in the center of the dial.

The lacquer -finished gradation dial is protected by a sapphire crystal windshield with a reflection coating. In addition, the large date display at 3 o’clock has improved practicality.

A long and narrow index of rhodium processing is arranged on the outer periphery of the dial, and a faceted alpha -type needle passes over it.

Bordeaux color and pink gold duo

Automatic winding (Cal.baumatic BM13-1975). 21 stones. 28,800 vibration / hour. Power reserve about 120 hours. 18KPG case (39mm in diameter, 3.74mm thick). 50m waterproof. 869,000 yen (including tax).

This work, which uses a Bordeaux color gradation dial, uses a 18k pink gold case, giving a completely different sense of luxury from the stainless steel model. The diameter of the case combining polish and satin finish is a little smaller of 39mm, and it is a variety of scenes and the arms are familiar regardless of gender.

This work is also equipped with a bomatic movement, with a cross motif that proves high accuracy on the dial, and a faceted gold -colored alpha -type needle gives a sharp impression. The visibility of the dial with a thin and three -dimensional applied index is extremely high.

Clifton’s top model, parpetual calendar

Automatic winding (Cal.baumatic BM13-1975A C2). 21 stones. 28,800 vibration / hour. Power reserve about 120 hours. 18KPG case 더존카지노 (diameter 42mm, thickness 12.1mm). 50m waterproof. 3.03 million yen (including tax).

One of the most complicated clifon collections is this work equipped with a perpetual calendar. Like the other two, it is a coloring with a gradation, and adopts blue that goes well with 18k pink gold cases.

In order to automatically switch between large and small months, and leisurely years, it is not necessary to adjust the calendar until 230 years due to structure, and it has a moon phase. The base is a 3 needle + date -displayed standard bomatic movement, but a permanent calendar has been added by repeating the 55202 modules of Duboa depla.

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