12 stylish zipper wallet brands recommended for men [latest version in 2022]

The wallet with a zipper is easy to open and close and is popular with many men. Therefore, we will take up the popular men’s zipper wallet “2022 latest information” for gifts. We will introduce the genre separately for each wallet and introduce it in detail, so please use it to select a gift that will make men happy. Purchase: Total gold 额 额 额 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品 카지노 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品2 Size horizontal: Approximately 20cm/ Height: Approximately 11cm Accessories are simple design ☆ It is an introduction of the product number Chrome004 Round zipper wallet ☆ Cards and bill storage capacity is excellent ☆ Because it is a classic, it is a classic. I think you can do it ☆ Purchased: Total gold: 12,300 yen Product description questions and answer tracking number brands: Chrome Hearts Fake Crome Hearts One Snap Alligator Super Copy Brand (Chrome Hearts) Chrome Hearts X Wallet / Supporial Chrome Hearts X Folding Wallet Model (CH Cross) Category Men’s Fashion »Wallet/Goods» Folding Wallet Product Length 12.2cm (closed state) Width about 10.5cm Width (closed state) Material/Color alligator/Silver925 1 billing card Slot 5 Zipper Coin Area Clos Button Interior Dagger Nylon Rint Froral Glmetto A two -fold wallet for Japanese yen. Glomets are standard equipment, so you can attach a wallet chain. It is a very easy to use and recommended wallet. Leather uses a very valuable alligator leather that can only be tasted with chrome hearts. Purchased: Total gold 额 额 れる 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品 円 商品 円 円 円 円 円 円 円Amplant leather (leather type: cowhide) lining: leather (leather type: cowhide) metal fittings (color: gold: gold) Snap button Opening and closing. Purchased: Total gold 额 额 れる 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品 商品Product Comments (Hermes) Dew Pu Due ☆ Card case / Business Card holder Gold [Related article]:

Wherever I am with my laptop, this is the office

I introduce myself as the word “culture and art planner”. The materials of various fields are collected and woven into culture and arts, and they are presenting them to more people with people with similar ideas.

In order to “plan” events and businesses, we need time to communicate with many people, visit various regions, and run around for production. However, more time is spent in front of the computer. The time to sit at the desk by sitting at the desk, such as a research time to weave the various materials that touch the heart, to the purpose of solving the intentions, and the execution and settlement of all issues, and the time to tap the computer. do.

In other words, it is also a job that has the advantage of being my office anywhere with a computer or laptop. So I am not obsessed with “office” with a fixed location.

Seoul is a major activity for me, but I’m working in London. It is only natural for me to work remotely before Corona 19, because the members of my member’s “Sleepers Summit” are scattered around the world, including London. Last year, I used to spend a lot of time in Jeju Island by planning a festival that dreams of sustainability with the art of “Belon Belon Now” in Jeju Island. This year, we will hold events in various places in Korea, so we are traveling from place to place.

Nevertheless, the corona 19 fenderics have led to a limit to moving and meeting, so ‘house’ has become my main office than anywhere else. And this phenomenon is not only me, but also a district situation, and when the functions of the house of the space of rest began to expand from all, many are writing and studies about them.

This article also started in such a context, and I would like to record my daily life in my ‘home’ and ‘office’ space with a specialty of cultural planners.

Is it possible to study at home?

Since I was in school, it was not a style of studying with my friends in libraries or cafes. In the test period, friends often say that they could not find me at school outside the class for two to three weeks because they went home right home and studied only at home.

Many friends asked, ‘How can you study at home?’ Surprisingly, I was the best space for my house, my room to concentrate fully without worrying about others. It was the same when I lived in England and studied for a master’s degree. The library only went out for tasks or work that did not borrow or require a book that could not be taken.

To be honest, the house was to wash, make up, wear more uncomfortable clothes at home, care for others, and avoid energy consumption. Spread the books, tie your head tightly in the most comfortable position, wear glasses, and play the music you want to listen to when you can’t concentrate. Where can there be a space that can be satisfied with all these conditions?

Even now, I need a lot of time research like a student, and I’m living in writing and various media. I think that this task is right for me, where I can work at home, meet with a zoom, and have a laptop at any time. In particular, it is a great force that there are families who can talk about what I just focused on when I opened my visit after 바카라사이트추천 completing full concentration.

Of course, often overwhelming comfort, the same atmosphere, and the situation of the family have become a very difficult space. Before Corona 19 started, I used to move anywhere at that moment and turned to a moment. However, when the situation was not free, I quickly adapted to the situation and found how to change the atmosphere that could solve various problems at home.

Depending on my room desk, living room, study that day

Today, for the weekend, I went to the flower market early in the morning and brought my laptop at the kitchen table where the vases were best visible with my mother. I was able to continue my pleasant weekend work thanks to the flowers that I saw when I lifted my head for a long time.

On weekdays, I usually sit on my room and handle my work. This is because there are many documents you need to close and focus on the door, and you need to find the materials you need to look deeply. In particular, a lot of calls are taken from partners, planners, producers, or artists, and it is also to prevent families from interfering with their activities, and to prevent family sounds from entering beyond the receiver.

If you are a good day or a little bit of a sagging day, you go to a kitchen table or a library veranda. This is because the sunlight is the best place in my house. Perhaps because of the time he lived in London, he has an obsession with not to enjoy the sun for a while on a good day in Korea. I want to feel it all the colors around me that the sunlight reaches the warmth of the busy hand, and the color of the surrounding surrounding is changed due to the warmth and natural light.

Finally, everything that can sit in the house becomes a work space. Thanks to my bed tray that I really love. If you sit on your back, sofa, floor, etc. Even now, he is sitting in bed and writing on the tray with a soft stand light. It is also my favorite moment of work.

In the next episode, I will talk about “Home Cafe for Families of Mom,” the biggest reason why all the spots listed above were more suitable for me.