09 Summer Cream Lost Cream Tea

It is called ‘afternoon tea’ throughout the brilliant main beaks on the three -stage tray. The teapot, which is a bit simpler than the afternoon tea, can be seen as ‘cream tea’. The cream tea is made up of tea, scones, fruit jam and milk, which is made of clotted cream in my refrigerator. The cream missing cream tee is compared to pork cutlet without source and cold noodles without vinegar, but it is originally a home cafe. If there is, use alternatives if not, or if there is no such thing, it is just as long as it is. It doesn’t matter if you make a prize, you don’t have to challenge what’s going on with the potatoes, or you can’t eat the scone to eat. It’s delicious enough in my mouth and this time is happy. What about living roughly!

In the 18th and 19th centuries, an afternoon tea started to eat with bread in the car to appease hunger, and invited acquaintances to this time. It would have been an inevitable choice to serve the car in that time. In the past, I ate only two meals in the morning and evening in the morning and evening, so I would have been hungry like crazy in the middle, and I had to eat something in the afternoon tee or cream tee to appease the hunger. Therefore, it may be a two -much of us to have this snack time in the middle while we eat all three meals a day. This tea time has a strong image of a sophisticated social gathering between the UK’s upper class aristocrats, but we are all the same human beings in front of hunger. He pretends to be noble and pretends to be a noble, and he smiles.

There are many afternoons who want to experience Hong Kong, which was influenced by the UK. The formal afternoon tea is mainly operated by a large hotel, so it’s hard to meet if you don’t make a reservation in advance. It is not a menu that can stand up in your mouth and stand up, so you don’t know how many hours you need to wait for your seat. Macau with Hong Kong is a bit better. So I only tasted the afternoon tea in Macau.

The afternoon tea is usually composed of light bakery (scones, madeleine, etc.), salty sandwiches, and sweet desserts (macaroons, sculptures, etc.). Sometimes it is for the purpose of serving guests, but it is foamed to prepare an afternoon tea of ​​three -speed configuration, but it is too luxurious to enjoy everyday. Luxury is not necessarily limited to money, but also includes the fact that it is equipped with each kind every type and put it in the stomach. It is also perfect for the cream tee to enjoy it sometimes. Scones can be grilled as airfiriers by 크레이지슬롯 using hot cake mixes on the market. Prepare it as simple as possible to enjoy the greatest pleasure. Long live the Lami Potato Cafe!

Still, I would like to get a clotted cream at least once: -P

good evening

This is Hi -chan, the manager.

“Welcome to Live House SAP Noda store”

I just wanted to say it once (sweat)

The Noda store is a very common pachinko parlor.

In the era of microphone performance,

I guess it was a fun day …

Today is the first day of replacement of the new stand

Thank you for visiting the store

From new platforms to popular platform and variety

It is a lineup model unique to Noda store

Please enjoy the time after this

Even so, every time I watch the live video

I think I wanted to go to BOøWY Last Gigs.

I was still an elementary school student in 1988 …

It is today’s opening where only the slot is attracting attention,

One pachinko was introduced by a criminal innocent group.

Speaking of criminals, that criminal in the national anime.

It’s hard to throw away the dangerous detective.

From tomorrow, three consecutive holidays

I’m 인터넷바카라 worried about the path of the typhoon,

By all means, we look forward to your visit.

The shuffle numbered ticket is as usual

We will distribute it at 9:30 am.

We will update the blog in the evening tomorrow.

Is tomorrow’s selfish Juliet’s birthday …