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“The first was middle 2.”


“I’m angry. To my mother who is sick every day.”

“…… I must have been upset.”

“I’m not shocked.”

“The atmosphere is not good without shocking?”

“Don’t be useless, don’t interfere with adults. I don’t listen to me.”

“What did you want to talk about?”


The words that I wanted to say, the words I wanted to say from my throat, burst out of my eyes. Without words, tears say. Words that are not hungry are poured out. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts

Sojin is her only daughter.

In the winter of her elementary school, her dad’s back, who was moving away from her eyes, is her last memory of her father. So was it? Sojin hated her backpack she bought before her dad left. She came out as a backpack and a set, she didn’t like her beautiful rooms. She didn’t want to go to school and she didn’t even go to school. She didn’t use the bag anymore, and even in elementary school, she still didn’t like her because her dad’s back was hanging heavy on her back. She didn’t like her because she seemed to be stinging her shoulders. I needed a good bag to help her shoulders. When she entered middle school, she strangled her mother to buy her good bags as much as she didn’t think about her dad’s bag. She and her bag filled her bag with all kinds of cosmetics that could give more power to her shoulders. Sojin was more beautiful day by day. She seemed to be heavier without knowing what she was. Not her dad’s back, but now her mother’s soju bottle seemed to press her back. Sojin gradually took off her bag. She began to go to school without a bag. She felt more and more heavy. She just wanted to be more free. She wants to take off her body. She wants to take off her cumbersome and heavy shells and lightly lightly fly. Sojin drew her wrist because she wanted to throw her back to her back.

Sojin’s mother was very beautiful and elegant.

She did not resemble any of Sojin’s nails, who were well -cooked and slender nails bite. Not only her nails, but the overall feeling and appearance did not resemble Sojin. Sojin looks more like her dad’s face that she doesn’t remember well.

She said, “She seems to be more like her dad.”

“Originally, my first daughter resembles her dad a lot. I resemble my father a lot.”

“Sometimes, my heart is just frustrating. It’s so different from me, thinking or talking. I don’t think there’s any corner with my daughter.”

“Her daughter grows bigger and her mother knows more. It’s still young.”

“I was busy because I was busy working. I was always alone in my home since I was young, but I kept going out and sleeping. I didn’t know what to do.”

“The hospital says it needs continuous observation and treatment. Have you ever talked with your child?”

“If you open your mouth, it’s only resentment. I’m hard to eat alone, but the kid keeps blaming my mom. I lived with each other.”

Sojin’s mother has a strong life.

I respect such a person as a member of society. She fiercely fought herself and fought herself, bumps into her society, and made her crystal, even if she had somehow to survive, regardless of her power. So -jin’s mother’s mother -in -law went back to her birth. She married at a young age and had a child and learned 슬롯나라 what the fear of her livelihood was. Her husband did not earn her money. Her husband, who first met in her beauty salon, was a warm and sprouted man. The two soon began to live together, and soon they had a child. And a while later, her husband quit work. There is no vision than I thought, and there is a long way to go. In this way, it is hard to eat and live. While she reported her marriage, she had to be pledged by her husband all the time. Are you sure she starts work again? She can’t work for a while when she has a baby, so she has to go to a beauty salon as soon as she is in a hurry. She has to get a job from now on. Yes. Okay.

But at the end her husband did not find a job.

She told her to be a friend with the son of an e -cigarette shop, but she did not receive her salary properly. Or she doesn’t know where she received. She said she might start Alba in a casino in Jeongseon. He also said he should learn card play as an extension of related work. He played the related videos and ate cup ramen as if he had eaten a cup of noodles. But it also disappeared after a few months. The birth celebration of her country also dropped, and when he reinstated to the beauty salon, his wrist nodes were all so stupid. Still, this tender and endure. The child must be raised. She gradually lost her words. She could not afford to see the child big, and she had no warmth. She thought that she should survive was the only reason for her life. She just lived to live. In the meantime, the casino wind blown again and left her husband. To go, take a divorce stamp and go. My husband stamped silently. Soon she disappeared into her eyes, leaving her daughter a bag before her elementary school, and soon left her promise not to keep her to come back. Still, livelihoods and childcare remain firmly and holding their ankles. Yes, I have to live again. It grew in the beauty salon. From the staff to the designer, the vice -president, the competition became more intense and the responsibility to take on is increased.

But living was not fun.

Late on the way home, the only pleasure was to come to the time when others fell asleep and rub the calf that was standing all day long. I was tired, so I only had a cup of drink, and it was half a bottle, and it was common to drink one bottle. Stop drinking, even if you don’t drink it, but it’s boring, so I just drank it. My daughter was lying down as she looked into her phone, not sleeping alone, and she began to nag with crawls. Her weight on her voice was like a lead. I want to throw all of her shooting and pouring voices. She didn’t want to throw a bitter wave in her soju cup every day with her face that her daughter, who knows nothing, has survived the world. When she opens her mouth, she doesn’t like her. We have already written. She was pierced by something stacked if she didn’t rinse it with a transparent soju every day, so she was more obsessed with alcohol. Did she scratch her wrist?

It seemed like my daughter was not fun.

Yes, she lives and lives. Each one has a part. It was lighter to study and go to school than to survive. It was disillusioned because the daughter of her daughter, who knew nothing, seemed to be in line with her husband’s vanity hope, who was wounded by her wish. In other words, my ex -husband’s face, who lived with no dreams, seemed to pass by at first glance. So, my daughter keeps feeling far away. She thought she was not in her arms. Because she couldn’t get it. I was busy living. The more I clung to work, the more empty at night, and the heavy the life, the more indifferent. Perhaps a living was an excuse. I had to concentrate on anything. Yes, I was busy living.

It seemed like the smell of soju was buried in her mother’s dense sigh.

Self -harm and school counseling, which has been repeated since 2, and have already been practiced a lot. I felt it. Still, her mother had something to focus on, but what should Sojin, who was left unattended, poured out? It’s not fun to live, but it’s not meaningful in life, or maybe there is no love.

“What is beauty like a mother?”

“I do not like it.”


“I don’t like it, but where is there? I just hate it.”

“What do you like, then?”

“Oh, 쌤 is also getting fresh now. It’s hard to play with me? The question is not sincerity.”

Sharp guy. I’m already out of trouble. Nevertheless, sprinkle with preservatives to maintain freshness.

“Walk? I’m so full.”

“Well, back mountain, call?”

Forgetting, Dad appeared in her mother’s drink.

If you break up, forget and live well together. What did you like to throw away? Dad, who appeared in the alcohol, remarried. The human remarriage is already a boring story for a few years. The recent alcoholic name was more like a drama. Dad divorced again with a new woman. He raises a four -year -old boy alone. The day when I heard that, she stole her mother’s shochu glass. Crazy guy, I left and left, and the guy between her is raised? I was born by the same Abby, but some kids are abandoned and some are loved, and they will live like a dog in the world. I’m a child, but what am I abandoned? is not it? Is that four -year -old poorer? I have a mother, but the poor cubs have to live with a beggar -like dad without her mother. I don’t know, crazy world. I just have to die. Her drinking mother took her drink and fell asleep while watching her daughter. The world where my mom sleeps is very quiet. All of the nights, the nights, nights that we would like to fall asleep and wake up like this.

“But it hurts. In my body ……”

“It’s not bad, 쌤. Should I say something cool?

“It’s sick but good?”

“I enjoy pain when I enjoy pain.

“Huh, so, it’s like a kinky.”

“Body, this one.”

“Body, that’s you. Sitting to live, sitting again, sitting again, that’s you.”

“I’m bored. I live.”

“Everyone. I am too.”

“Really? 쌤? I don’t think?”

“Where are you boring life? It’s always the same. But you live again because you live. There’s a lot of reasons to live.

“It’s not meaningful. Living.”

“What do you need a big meaning? It’s already meaningful just by being, but the existence of you is already meaningful and lovely. Tell me, just. Don’t talk to your wrist. “

“A cup of soju? Will my mom still leave it?”

“Hey, I’m not drinking. I sit facing the table and talk. My dad is disgusting, my dad is not. I’m resentful with my mom. Hurt the wound, the child is sorry, you sympathize with each other. . “


“Mom is also bored. But I live again because I’m just living. It’s so clear that my mom should live than to die. ? Nothing is a reason to die. Anything can be a reason to live. “


“I like you, Sojin. I’m a good kid who can love Jericho’s parents. I would like to have a daughter like you. I’m a daughter who nags me not to drink. Do it, what’s like. Huh? That’s why you have to live.

Sojin still walks with her eyes down.

She has long consulted, she may have already heard all kinds of words from experts, and she may not have been nutritious. Still, I’m sincerely, like this electrical exchange between people and people, and the microscopic air flow facing breath. We have to do this. I want to talk with you again.

“I started Pilates to lose weight.”

“쌤, what’s going to lose?”

“I’m flesh, but my body is completely poor. I didn’t know if my body was like this. All the joints are bent less than 90 degrees, and all muscles are not over 90 degrees. Is it true?”

“ㅋㅋㅋ I imagine.”

“I think I’m really tortured. I don’t lose weight, but my joints are missing, you know?”

“I don’t know? 쌤, isn’t it too serious?”

I finally laughed at Sojin.

“Hey, if you see that long and slender kids like you tell me and breathing on YouTube, that’s going to do that.

“I am?”

Late at night, Katok came from Sojin.

If you don’t have anywhere. Are you having a cup of soju at her mother with her mother? I hope you can pour chopsticks that talked hotly. Since then, Sojin has registered at Pilates Academy. It’s a bag hanging on your back and a soju bottle. I’m not sure yet. It’s just a fun to start with fun. She is not fun to live, she’s only saying that her mother is a beauty, even though she has a hard time, she has suffered her body, and she says this body is a country, she wants to do it well. It also occurs. Well, I think it’s much better than me, but I think it’s going to be a little bit. It’s not surprisingly bad. I have a reason to do it than I do not. I’ll try it. I’ll live.

Respect, Sojin.

Why do you have anything? Live, that’s life. I have to live and hate it. It is the privilege of the living. I don’t need the reason. Yes, let’s live together. Your drama starts from now on.